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Learning To Speak Music (Playing By Ear) Enhances Reading Music!!


Doing What's Natural Yields Greater Results

Sheet MusicBefore a child learns how to read English literature, it's fair to say that by the age of 4 they should be able to speak the language. Doesn't that put the odds more in favor of them being able to read successfully? Sure it does. What if a child between 1 and 3 years old was required to read this before they could be given any food.

"Mom and Dad, can I have something to eat today?"

Wouldn't food be a good motivator?  Yes.

Would that be fair?  No; because they haven't fully learned how to speak yet. Let's apply this to music. When students are taught to speak first (which is Playing By Ear), the odds of their musical success will drastically increase. By the time they are to read the music, they will already be familiar with the sound of music and how it works. Therefore seeing it on paper won't confuse them, but enhance their musical experience.

The Statistics Speak For Themselves

At The Time of This Post, The statistics state that when it comes to playing music by ear:

  • 95% of those who take traditional music lessons, CANNOT successfully Play By Ear.
  • 95% of those who teach traditional music lessons, CANNOT Play By Ear successfully themselves.
  • 98% of those who teach traditional music lessons, CANNOT successfully TEACH how to Play By Ear.

Therefore we need a new method. To learn more about this Revolutionary Method, please go through the info on this site or contact me with any questions you may have.


Robert Chambers at the Grand Piano


Robert Chambers is the Founder of Any Key Music. He is also an accomplished International Pianist, Author, Entertainer and Creator of the Revolutionary "Any Key Music System™" & "12 Keys That Unlock The Language of Music™".





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