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Any Key Music UPDATE – Jazz Poet Chris Hercules Getting REAL Piano By Ear Results

It is such a great pleasure to help people reach their musical goals by equipping them to UNDERSTAND the Language of Music and to become independent musicians who have a mind of their own.

Jazz Poet Chris Hercules is used to reciting his poetry with music played by a live band.  However, now because of the Any Key Music System, he is composing and arranging his own music and teaching it to the band.  Here's a clip of one of the songs he composed and a quick interview.



So that you know, he has completed Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and is currently a few months away from completing Volume 4.  It took Chris a couple of years due to his schedule, but for a total beginner that's great.  The Any Key Music System is about teaching you from the inside out.

He's learned how to play by ear and in ANY KEY and he will have the rest of his life to expand his playing by learning "Accessories"; which I'll cover and demonstrate on the next "AKMS LIVE WEBINAR" (FREE for AKMS Purchasers on file, Starting April 2013).

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Jazz Poet Chris Hercules' FULL Video


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