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AKMS-1 Year Challenge

Happy New Year!!

Robert Here! 2010 has come and gone and I hope with 2011 you are highly expecting your musical goals to be realized.

As you know my Any Key Music System focuses on teaching you how to Master The Art Of Playing Piano By Ear. I believe that to truly do this successfully, you have to learn how to understand music. If I just post tutorials for you to copy how I play a song (which I've never done), "I'M GIVING YOU A FISH AND FEEDING YOU FOR A DAY." or until the next song.

Now if I teach you how to understand the reasons why music and arrangements are played a particular way, "I FEED YOU FOR LIFE" and empower you to figure out any song of your choice with ease.

Now I can guarantee you that you'll be playing by ear in 1 year, but you'll have to follow every step of my Any Key Music System. I want to challenge you for 1 year.


Here's the challenge:

1) Register as an AKMS member and if you are not a beginner, indicate that as well.

2) I want you to choose 3 songs that you've always wanted to be able to play by ear,

3) I want you to commit to 20 min, 40 min or 1hr a day of practicing with AKMS and email me your 3 songs and practice time at one year challenge @ (no spaces)

4) When I receive your list and commitment, I'll keep you accountable and send you a musical AKMS prescription to follow to reach your goal.

5) Purchase the full Any Key Music System; Volumes 1 - 4; The audio CDs or as a download and get started.


Every month I'll randomly select 1 - 2 songs and break them down according to AKMS just for my members. Remember, I won't be showing you the answers, but I will be teaching you how to find the answers based upon what you've learnt or should learn with AKMS.

I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals.

God Bless

Robert Chambers

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