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Welcome to my AKMS Membership Area!

Even though my goal is to provide all my viewers with exceptional content, I want to give those who decided to become a member with teaching bonuses that will flat out blow them away!

Thank you for wanting to join me here so that I can share my music with you.  When you sign in to my blog you will get sneak previews and specials before anyone else.  I will also be creating some free packages together where only my subscribers will get it.

I will be developing a lot more bonuses in time so join now and stay tuned!

Once again, I'm Robert Chambers and WELCOME!

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  • mesdaille:

    Robert you know I love your music, have all of your previous CD’s. Love your new interpretation of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. I play it over and over again… You are truly anointed and gifted. May God continue to use your gifts to bless others. – Michelle E

    • Hi Michelle,

      It’s great to hear from you. The final version of my interpretation of “Hello” will sound so much better. That was the rough version.

      Thanks Michelle for your support!!

  • bubbles:

    Hello Robert,

    I just purchased your entire program. I saw your ad at least seven years ago.

    I really did not purchase because I could not afford the program at that time.

    I guess I might be farther along. I did buy other programs out there that made claims that they would teach me how to play by ear.

    I would study the material and memorize through practice but when time passed by and it came time to perform what I had learned I was totally lost.

    I hope your program brings out my own personal flavor and not just make me a copycat that forgets what he learned because it was not his own original creative musical ideas in the first place.

    I can even read music to some degree maybe up to 3rd grade or 4th grade level, but not fluently.

    My music seems to be just plain Jane. I am tired of playing simple basic styles.

    I really hope your course can help me. Oh, one more thing and that is time.

    I know that to be good you have to put time in. But, What if you put time in studying and forgot what you learned?

    • Hi Curtis,

      It’s great to hear from you. Welcome to the AKMS Family. I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals.

      I’m sorry to hear that you had to spend all that money to get those type of results. As you may know or may not know, playing piano by ear is now the In-Thing and many just want to cash-in on this.

      Their courses are well marketed, but are not successful in terms of play by ear results because they do not empower individuals how to understand what they’re playing. Sure, you’ll eventually play what they SHOWED you, “If You Can See It – You Can Play It” Tutorials, but you can’t play a song of your choice or on your own. I call this “Illusional Methods”.

      I like to say that “Music Is A Language, and Languages Are ONLY Spoken By Those Who Understand It”.

      Anyhow, you don’t have to worry about that here, if you follow my Any Key Music System, I guarantee you’ll be playing by ear in 1 year. 99% of the individuals that have it, play by ear. What about the other 1% you may ask? They had to stop for some personal reason or another; but the good thing is they can always continue later on.

      Don’t worry about your playing sounding plain, we’ll change that in less than 1 year and get you playing in every key as well.

      ..Yes it’s true that you have to put time in and practice to get results, but it’s more important to practice the right things. As you learn and practice the AKMS concepts, you’ll start to see results. Then as you see more results, you’ll want to practice more. You practice more, you get more results and the then the cycle continues.

      I know that you have gained some experience over the years, but I recommend that you start from my beginning and do every exercise. Better yet, why don’t you let try the “AKMS 1 Year Challenge”. Tell me the 3 songs you would like to be able to play by ear on your own, and I’ll tell you what you need to practice to make that a reality.

      ..Last thing, you asked “..That if you put time in studying and forgot what you learned?

      My answer is “YOU CAN FORGET something you were shown and told, but YOU CAN NEVER forget something you understand”.
      For ex. What is 2 + 2? Even if you memorized the answer by now, I’m pretty sure you know how you came up with that answer?

      I look forward to your musical Sucess!!


  • Jeff#1:

    Hi Robert, my new e-mail is
    Please change.


    • Hello Jeff,

      Jerome here, Robert’s Tech specialist. I just wanted to confirm with you that your new email – had been changed.

      I’m sorry for the long delay. Robert has been swamped in many projects of late and seemed to have over looked your request.

      Nevertheless, I just wanted to reassure you that your message was received and request implemented.

      Thank you.

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