My Students have a 100% Success Rate In Playing The Piano By Ear When They Follow This One Criteria

"Seek To Understand"


Proverbs 4:7 states "Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom, but in all thy getting, get understanding".


It makes no point to share something like chord progressions or musical phrases with someone that does not have the capacity to retain the information shared.  If I don't understand why 2 + 2 = 4, how can I handle 298764 x 2?  I have a quote that simply states, "To Do What Advanced Piano Players Do, You Need To know UNDERSTAND what Advanced Players KNOW".


YouTube is filled with millions of  videos of piano experts offering their tutorials as an answer to your "how do you play piano by ear" questions.  They will show what they did, but WHY DOES IT WORK?  If you can't answer that question after the tutorial is done, you really didn't learn anything.  I know that's strong, but the truth does hurt.  The real truth is, piano and other instruments are easy to play by ear, once you understand the language.


Playing piano by ear is not the ability to play only one style.  True playing by ear is the ability to play any style ON YOUR OWN; and that ability only comes with UNDERSTANDING.  PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED ANYMORE!!


The Any Key Music System's focus is to get the student to really understand the language of music and know why everything works in music.  When they take my advice and do every AKMS exercise, even if they've had prior lessons or musical experience, the results are 100% predictable.


Now I know you may be sckeptical (if you're not an AKMS user) and may be wondering, "have you ever had anyone that didn't get the results"?  My answer is yes.  100% of the people that didn't do every AKMS exercise.  So the criteria to follow if you desire to have the 100% Success Rate in Playing The Piano By Ear, DO EVERY AKMS EXCERCISE.


I look for to helping you reach your musical goals.

God Bless


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